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The Art of Games in Greece 2023: RESULTS

For the Art of Games in Greece 2023 (AGG), that is co-organized by the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) and the Game Developers Association of Greece (GDA Greece),16 games of Greek production were collected in total.

There were entries in two different categories (Crown, Blossoms) and were evaluated for their merit and their relevance to this year's theme “Welcome to the Uncanny”. The evaluation was done by a 5-member jury, selected by the GDA Greece Board of Directors.

The selected entries received the honorable title "Official Selection" and were posted on the online platform of the organization in their respective category:

The Official Selection of AGG Crown:

Published productions related to the theme “Welcome to the Uncanny”

The jurors for AGG Crown:

The Official Selection of AGG Blossoms:

Productions with the theme "Welcome to the Uncanny" and zero public presence before 20/03/2023.

In the Blossoms category the top 3 entries received the honorable title “Finalist” . The top entry additionally received the honorable title “Grand Prix” as well as a cash prize of €1,000.

Finalist + Grand PrixARCHIVEDFinalistAntlightFinalistUnvalle

The jurors for AGG Blossoms:

Finally, for “The Art of Games in Greece” we had AGG Pollen: a series of 6 introductory sessions, given by experienced people in the field of domestic game development.

These sessions - aimed at introducing participants to the art of game creation - were hosted live on the event’s online platform during 16-18/05, and their recordings remain available for free.

These individuals were selected by the Board of Directors of GDA Greece, and received the symbolic amount of €30. All sessions (presentations, questions and answers) were given in Greek.


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